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Posted by BlueApatite - March 26th, 2019


Currently on Patreon there are a few tiers, the highest one being the $20 tier where you could request a full colored NSFW piece a month, and a bonus tier of $30 where you could request 2 full colored pieces a month (its more of a buy one, get one half off rate considering my commission prices)

I also wanna get more practice with animation but I wanna see who out there would be interested in such an idea. $30 patrons would get 2 requests a month, and therefore would take a bit more time, but if I were to do a $50 tier, I would have to limit the benefits to just 1 full colored animated NSFW gif a month. Is that something you would consider pledging to if you had the means? If so, who are some artists you know that do this and how could I also reach this level?

I feel pretty good with this sample, but I'd like to practice more in order to get better.

~ I'm also considering this for anyone who's interested in animated commissions, details to come soon ~



Posted by BlueApatite - December 26th, 2018

Those of you interested in purchasing a commission from this artist, go follow SH0TT and ask them about prices! The gallery is full of soft lovely hotties which I'm sure you'll all enjoy, and you'll be greatly satisfied with the result, as am I! 


Click here to comment on the art and give it the love it deserves! 

Posted by BlueApatite - December 21st, 2018

7193216_154545225432_file.pngWanna get access to a private folder of Anita the Stripper and her private dances/shennanigans? Head over to Ko-Fi and purchase 3 coffees for lifetime access to all the uncensored photos. Commissions and Patreon Requests are the best way to get more content of her, but if you feel like just viewing them aside from everything else, this private folder is just for you! 

Here's a new one to enjoy, more to come in time! 


click here to purchase the private folder for a low flat rate of $9.00! 

Posted by BlueApatite - December 17th, 2018


For further information and other offers, click here to find me on DeviantArt with other examples you may enjoy :)



Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018

Another milestone from a while back


"Those last couple of nudes really really turned me on.. so I’m gonna do something different to celebrate

I’ll figure out what to do for the next milestones or whatever, but since we have received human pussy pics for the first time .. I can’t really help myself 

so I’m gonna take up that suggestion and eat myself out for y’all"


"Also I guess last time I didn’t really give you all such a good view down below .. so here’s another one"


"Once I mentioned that I don’t shape shift very much but I can use it to grow parts of my body .. mostly my tongue"


"Anyway I’m sure y’all didn’t come here for some fancy tongue tricks .. so I’m just gonna .. try and get down there myself "


"I love that our kind doesn’t really obey the laws of physics, cus sometimes we can just opt out of having a spine lmao"


"I’m pretty horny right now so I’m just gonna stick my tongue deep inside and just f-fuCUCKCKSSDFOH"


"I guess now I can say I’ve officially 69′ed myself "


"Do I even need to go get laid? I can just stay home and fuck myself all day <3 

..anyway thanks for the 300 asks and all the submissions we get, every month I enjoy it all a little more and you make me wanna do more things

thanks to all of you wonderful people <3 "


Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018

1000 Followers Celebration Post from a while back



And I got 5 human nudes, what the fuck. I honestly didn’t expect either of these things to happen

and once again, as promised, I will do something I said I would do

this time I shall suck on my own tits

you’ve all seen me nude by now so I’m just gonna cut right to it and start getting naked"


"also as an added bonus I drank some milk earlier so hopefully it’ll pass through my tits in a little bit .. just gotta work it up a little" 


"Actually I might be here a while cus when no one else is around I kinda just like sucking on my tits all day anyway"


"Idk what it is, I either have an oral fixation or I just have a deep desire to breastfeed .. hope that’s cool"


"I’ve never tried drinking milk before masturbation so idk if this will exactly work or not, but I got all the time in the world right now"


"I really love sucking on my own nipples btw, idk how I ended up with such nice plump juicy tits to suck on all on my own"


"I could do this all day honestly if I .. oh shit .. wait I FEEL SOMETHING COMING"




"well it looks like I’ve officially discovered a new way to climax, and holy shit this milk is delicious .. maybe I should just try doing this more often cus that was the first good orgasm I’ve had in a long time 


..anyway thanks again everyone for the 1000 followers and the 5 human nudes. We haven’t even been online for a year yet and we’ve already had so much fun and accomplished so much. You guys make me feel way better about a lot of things, and I really love doing what I do here. You guys are awesome 💙💙💙💙💙

I’ll think of some more goals for milestones down the road, but for now thanks for everything! "


Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018

this was another celebration post from a while back


"Looks like we reached another milestone

and as promised .. I will fap and let you all watch

… I just wish I didn’t get so nervous every time I did something like this .."


"I’m a little shy so I’m not exactly wet yet .. I need to put myself in the mood.."


"also Im still wearing those pasties until we reach our next goal

..but it’s ok cus you can still see my ass "


"I should probably wear underwear too or something .. 

anyway .. 

.. just gotta .. play with myself a little .. and forget that everyone’s watching.."


"maybe if i just .."


"ok I feel a little better .. and I’m getting pretty wet now too ..

this is good .. feelin’ pretty great right about now .. 

..I’ll need more fuel though ..  

something that’ll really put me over the top 

…I don’t like sex toys but I do enjoy the vibration of my cell phone ..

..maybe I can just think of someone I really wanna 



"fuck this is stronger than I was expecting it to be 

holy fuck





"OK there you have it 

now you’ve all seen my tits AND my pussy

..and I guess you all know I’m a squirter now 


thanks for all the submissions you guys send me and for the surprisingly high follower count, here’s hoping we reach the next milestone! "

Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018





"Some snaps from last night, met a cute busty gnome at the bar who was shy but willing to get a little frisky together as the night progressed 

Her name was Alaizia and apparently gnomes are a real thing that exist in this world. 

We were both drunk but we still had a great time together, and I’m glad to share these snaps with y’all"


"these photos are so high quality  you’d think they were part of a 5-piece commission or something "


Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018

(back when the blog reached 700 Followers)


"WELP we finally did it, everybody

I may not have gotten 5 human nudes yet, but we did surpass our goal of 700 followers, so I guess it’s only fitting if I give you all one of the things I said I would do

so … as promised 

today is the day I flash my tits"


"Man .. it’s weird knowing that this’ll be the last time you guys haven’t seen me topless .. 

well .. here goes nothing"


"Idk why but I suddenly feel a little shy .. 

it’s not like you guys haven’t seen more of me than this .. right?"


"Well .. this is it .. this is me showing off my tits for everyone to see 

.. not just gay chicks but .. everyone 

suddenly I’m remembering how much people wanted this .. and now I’m feeling a little self conscious about whether or not this will satisfy everyone ..

but its ok .. I made a promise 

and here 


is .."


"Actually I feel a bit more relieved now that I finally did it .."


".. and maybe a little horny too .. "



"idk I guess it brought back some memories of being sexually liberated for the first time a couple thousand years ago .. its a very erotic feeling 


well thanks for the 700 followers guys! I could bang girls and have sex all day, but I couldn’t have done it without ya. This really helps me feel better after all the craziness going on, thanks . v . "


Posted by BlueApatite - December 16th, 2018

How are you all finding me so easily? I've only been here like 8 hours and I haven't shared my page with anyone yet!! :O